Bio-Rad Laboratories (USA), a partner of LABSERVIS LTD, will hold an online seminar



Time of online seminar:

12:30 – 14:30

Subject of online-seminar :

Flow cytometry: panel design for multicolor experiments.

Program of the event:

1.    Designing successful flow cytometry experiments with StarBright Dyes. Mike Blundell, Product Manager, Bio-Rad 
2.    ZE5 flow cytometer for multi-color panels. Irina Shakhmaeva, Candidate of Biological Sciences, specialist in cell biology, Bio-Rad
3.    Tips and tricks in flow cytometry, our experience. Sergey Kulemzin, Senior Researcher, Candidate of Biological Sciences, IMСB RAS

Registration link:

Регистрация на вебинар Bio-Rad «Проточная цитометрия: Дизайн панелей для многоцветных экспериментов» (

Additional information:

Flow cytometry is a modern method of analysis in biology and medicine. Cytometer field of application:

- in immunology to assess the immune status and diagnose immunodeficiency and immunopathological conditions;
- in oncology and oncohematology for the diagnosis of leukemia and lymphoproliferative diseases of various origins;
- agriculture: analysis of ploidy of cells, cycle, protoplasts, as well as "sexing" of seed material of agricultural animals.