cobas® t 411 coagulation analyzer

cobas® t 411 coagulation analyzer
  • The cobas t 411 coagulation analyzer is designed for the low to medium throughput laboratory. The cobas t 411 analyzer is ideally suited for maximum efficiency and flexibility supported by innovative features like automated, multivendor cap-piercing and integrated barcode scanning for samples and reagents. Featuring continuous loading of reagents, samples and cuvettes, the cobas t 411 analyzer ensures maximum productivity and dynamic workflow.

  • Throughput: 

    ● Up to 140 tests/hour (PT)
    ● Up to 100 tests/hour (mixed mode)

  • Samples: 

    ● Up to 100 samples on-board
    ● Cap-piercing
    ● Dedicated STAT port
    ● Continuous loading via 5 position racks

  • Reagents: 

    ● Continuous rack-based loading
    ● Up to 70 vials on-board capacity
    ● Extended Routine Menu including PT, APTT, FIB, TT, AT and DD

  • Test principle: 

    Optical clotting time detection using chronometric, chromogenic, and immunoturbidimetric measurement methods

  • Software: 

    ● Comprehensive QC program including Levey-Jennings
    ● User-definable protocols
    ● LIS connectivity